April 2016 Deals

Are you ready for some April 2016 Deals? We here at Ontario Film Rentals want to follow up on the success of last month’s Insane March deals with special promotions for all you filmmakers and video production enthusiasts. Warm up this April 2016 with some hot deals, including discounted monthly rates on some of our brand new equipment (see below) and also a 3-days-for-the-price-of-2 promotion on items with day rates equal or greater than $400 / day. Rent today and get the most out of your video production.


NEW! SONY FS-5 4K Cinema Camera Kit – $200 / day

Sony FS5 Kit

  • The newest addition to our camera fleet, the Sony FS-5 offers incredible punch in a little package. Shoot in full 4k with S-Log3 and up to 240p in full HD. This camera is ideal for everything from run-and-gun documentary work to feature length film production.
  • Kit includes camera body and hardware, Metabones E mount to EF Mount adapter, 2 x 64GB SD Cards, 3 x Batteries and Pelican HSC.


NEW! Canon-CNE Cinema 6 Lens Prime Kit – $200 / day

Canon Cinema Primes

  • Unlock the full potential of your cinema camera and bring your production into Hollywood territory with these incredible cinema lenses. If you’ve been wondering why your images don’t look as good as your favourite feature film, it’s often your glass choice. This 6-lens kit offers you primes across the 14 to 135mm range.
  • Includes Canon CNE 14mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm and 135mm. Front back caps and fitted HSC.


NEW! Pixapro LED 4 Light Kit – $100 / day

Pixapro LED 100D MKII

  • Most of our team was hesitant to use LED lighting for our various video projects because colours often look too green, or create a result that looks oily in skin-tones, which is hard to cut, shape, and soften. However, our thoughts had changed when we discovered this boutique lighting company from the UK making some truly revolutionary lighting equipment.
  • The Pixapro LED series offers approximately 800W of balanced daylight, and tungsten equivalent light, in a mostly cool fixture that uses less than 1 amp of power per head. Unlike most LED lights, the fixture uses one massive LED cell versus several small LEDs across a panel. This allows for a natural looking light that is easily cut, shaped, and softened. With a CRI of 94, you know you’re going to have great looking light and very accurate skin tones. We are so impressed with these lights we bought 4! They can even be powered using V Lock Batteries for several hours on one charge.
  • Included in this kit is 4 LED fixtures, 4 x 750 stands, 2 x rectangular soft boxes, 2 x large octo-soft boxes, AC and V Lock Adapters for each fixture (V Locks Separate) everything comes in a fitted rolling case.

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