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RED Epic Camera

RED Epic-W Camera

At 8k resolution, 18 stops of dynamic range, and 300 FPS, RED is the industry standard.

DJI Ronin 3-Axis Gimbal

DJI Ronin-S

The next evolution in camera motion. The DJI Ronin allows for long, complicated and incredible camera motion, in a light and compact size that you can run all day.

LTM HMI Fresnel

Arri M-18 HMI

The biggest and baddest light you can plug-in at home. You know it, and if you don’t, let me introduce you to the industry standard workhorse.

Available Equipment

Equipment Rentals

While we try our hardest to update Ontario Film Rentals Kitchener regularly, Ontario Film Rentals is often buying and selling new and old equipment. In an effort to serve you best, please email us: or call 519-591-3425 and speak with one of our customer service representatives.

Looking For Crew?

Ontario Film Rentals is owned and operated by working video and film production professionals. Whether you’re looking for a DOP, Gaffer, or entire production crew, our partners at Astrodog Media are available to help! Get in touch with us: or call 519-591-3425.

Not Sure What You Need?

The staff at Ontario Films Rentals have several years of experience working in the professional video and film production industry. We can consult during the pre-production stage of your production and help you select the best gear for the job. Get in touch at or call 519-591-3425.

Procedure & Policy

Depending on the requested order, equipment rentals may require renters to provide insurance documents that indicate damage and theft coverage. For more details, please contact us by sending an email to or call 519-591-3425. Renters looking for short term equipment coverage are urged to visit:

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About Ontario Film Rentals

Ontario Film Rentals is a premium film and video production equipment rentals house offering high quality and affordable rentals for the video community in Southwestern Ontario. At Ontario Film Rentals, we recognize what matters to you: the latest and greatest camera technologies and production services equipment at affordable prices. Committed to quality customer service, our team won’t let you down–after all, we’re a group of cinematographers, producers, and video enthusiasts ourselves. Erik O’Neill, Cinematographer / Phone: 519-591-3425

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